Hello and thank you for visiting my website!

I am a chartered psychologist (British Psychological Society) specialising in applying Positive Psychology in Education and Leadership. My mission is to help people live a better life.

I am an Assistant Professor and researcher in the Department of Education at Maynooth University in Ireland. I lecture in topics such as wellbeing, positive education, positive leadership and research. I work mainly with students completing their Masters, Ph.D. or Doctorate degrees.

I love writing and have had the pleasure of contributing to some academic journals, professional magazines, and other media. I am currently enjoying the role of an editor-in-chief for the Journal of Positive School Psychology, and have served as a peer-reviewer of a few other academic journals. I am passionate about research and love collaborating with colleagues worldwide on various projects associated with wellbeing and leadership in schools. For my work on wellbeing, I was acknowledged by the Irish Times as one of 30 people who make Ireland a better place. I was chuffed to read this! Thank you!

Why wellbeing?

People often ask me why I became so interested in wellbeing. There are many reasons for it, one of them is personal. During my early adulthood, I experienced severe anxiety and depression, which at times, I found very difficult to cope with. My initial interest in wellbeing was fuelled by my struggles and trying to gain knowledge and develop skills on how to cope effectively with life challenges. Discovering positive psychology interventions in my 20s helped me engage with them and see my life turn for the better. I often refer to them as my “bag of tools” which I dip into when things get tough. This is why 20 years later I am so committed to helping others do the same.