Wellbeing Tools

Click here for a range of free wellbeing activities you can use in your school.

As a practitioner, what I always hoped for is a place where I could find a range of evidence-based positive educational activities to use with my students, teachers and school leaders. Since I couldn’t find it anywhere, I decided I would create it myself.

So, get a nice cuppa and explore various activities that can be used to enhance your wellbeing, or boost your positive leadership skills. Not all of them will work for you, so pick and choose the ones that suit you best. Tweak them for your colleagues and students to make sure they are age-appropriate.

This link offers you a range of evidence-based activities that may enhance the wellbeing of your school community: pupils, students, teachers, parents and everyone else in your community. Sometimes they are referred to as positive psychology interventions. This link is an addition to my book “The Ultimate Guide for Implementing the Wellbeing Programmes for School” published by Routledge

COMING SOON – here you will find a range of activities for school leaders aimed to enhance their positive leadership qualities. This link is an addition to my book “Positive School Leadership: “The New Science of Positive Educational Leadership” published by Nova Science Publishers.

List of Tools