The Time Cure


When something bad has happened in our past, it is easy to believe that not dwelling on it and redirecting our thinking towards the “here and now” is a solution to our problems. However, there are other ways to do it. In a time-cure therapy, instead of reducing thinking about the past negative events, the practitioners guide their clients towards a more balanced time perspective narrative. They help them enhance their positive past, live in the present, but also build their positive future, and by doing so, they reshuffle individuals’ narratives. This method is particularly useful with the war veterans, experiencing Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, who found it challenging to come to terms with their past.

Here are three of many actions that can be taken to boost our wellbeing when the past is impacting on our future:

  • Savouring the moment
  • Creating meaningful goals for the future
  • Improving our eating, sleeping and physical activity levels.


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