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There are plenty of benefits to technology, including the use of our smartphone. It has become a necessary part of our lives and an accessory, we find hard to put down. However, sometimes, too much of a good thing, can be really bad for us, which is why taking a break from your smartphone can be very beneficial to your mental health.

In one of the studies I was involved, participants were asked to switch off their phone every night 1 hour before going to bed. Those who did it for a week reported higher levels of wellbeing and noted that they have become closer to their spouses and had a more restful sleep. Over 90% of them enjoyed doing it so much, they vouched to continue with it after the experiment ended.

To boost your wellbeing, you can introduce times of your day, or week when you and your family do not use any electronic devices. Be it an hour before going to bed or past 6pm. Do it for a week and see how you feel. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

Hughes, N., & Burke, J. (2018). Sleeping with the frenemy: How restricting ‘bedroom use’ of smartphones impacts happiness and wellbeing. Computers in Human Behavior85, 236–244. https://doi-org.jproxy.nuim.ie/10.1016/j.chb.2018.03.047

Have you tried this activity? If so, please share your experience.

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    Great idea! It will be my new year’s resolution.

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