Strengths and Physical activity


Physical activity and exercise (structured physical activity) is an important component of our lives. It predicts our health, today and in years to come. However, as much as want to do it, sometimes, it is easier to stay at home and enjoy our less active life. In order to encourage you to do it, and while doing it enjoy it even more, Hefferon (2013) suggests we should combine it with our character strengths.

Please go to Via Character website and complete a free questionnaire which assesses your character strengths. Then, review some of your top strengths and try to engage with them during exercise. For example, if your strength is the “love of learning”, sign up to a programme which helps you improve your running skills; if your strength is “perseverance”, set up challenging goals for yourself, or if your strength is “teamwork” make sure you do your activity with a friend or come up with a physical activity that involves a team.

Have fun!


Hefferon, K. (2013). Positive Psychology and the Body: The somatopsychic side to flourishing. UK: Open University Press.

Have you tried this activity? If so, please share your experience.