Spelling and Wellbeing

Spelling and Wellbeing

Languages have always been my passion and I have some wonderful memories learning English, Polish, German, Russian, and even Hungarian. However, there was one language that has stayed in my mind as very unpleasant to learn. On the one hand, it was all due to the teacher, whose pedagogical approach made me squirm. On the other hand, it was due to the old-fashioned texts we were discussing during our class, which were not interesting to me at all. This is why seeing a study about how wellbeing can be easily interwoven into a language curriculum made me smile.

Marianne Gush, a teacher in South Africa has created a second level language curriculum by incorporating character strengths and wellness outcomes into a textbook. Here is an example of what they have done:

In her curriculum, she skillfully integrated character strengths (viacharacter.org), PERMA model of wellbeing and evidence-based or evidence-informed activities the aim of which was to boost students wellbeing. This is a great idea for incorporating positive psychology into a language curriculum.


Gush, M., & Greeff, A. P. (2018). Integrating Positive Psychology Principles and Exercises into a Second-Language High School Curriculum. South African Journal of Education38(3).