Reminiscence Album


I love photographs and my house is filled with prints of moments from the past I want to remember. I change them twice a year and not only love the process of doing it, but also enjoy the pleasure it gives me when I stop and reflect on the circumstances associated with each picture taken.

This is one of the savouring activities recommended to help us boost our wellbeing. Here is what you can do:

  • Set a time to go through your photographs from the past and select the ones associated with a range of positive emotions. They include photographs evoking love, awe, happiness, joy, gratitude, pride and many other emotions.
  • You can then decide to print them out, which will allow you to spend some more time arranging them in your photo-frames and around your house, or you can create a digital album on your phone or your computer.
  • Regularly review your pictures, stop and reflect on the ones you’ve printed out, to reenact the positive feelings they remind you of.

When this activity is used in school, students may spend a week capturing happy moments and creating a classroom collage of photographs that remind them of great times together, alternatively, they can bring their personal photos to school with them. In my son’s pre-school every child brings their family members’ photos, which the family-tree corner is built of. Children often sit around and talk about the times when the photos were taken.


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Have you tried this activity? If so, please share your experience.