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The clinical practice of wellbeing. Healthcare: Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal

The languishing limbo: Coaching for wellbeing, Coaching Today

Positive psychotherapy, Reflections

Positive Body: InTouch.

Know your strengths: InTouch.

Positive Education: The way forward. InTouch.

A balanced life full of meaning and engagement. InTouch.

Positive Psychology Strength & Resilience. Guideline.


Wellbeing of students starts to decline from the moment they enter secondary school, The Conversation.

“Blue Monday” is a hoax – but it could become the most depressing day of the year if you don’t watch out. The Conversation.

Five reasons why we eventually become happier. The Conversation. Re-posted by The Independent, World Economic Forum, New Zealand Herald, PsyPost and others.

Thinking of changing your job? Think again. Women Mean Business

Your mood and Food. Easy Health Magazine

Making Happy Children. Woman’s Way Magazine

Positive body: Boost your energy. Women Mean Business

MOS Unislim Supplement

Happy Slimming, The Woman’s Way Magazine

Happiness and Food, The Irish Vegeterian Magazine

To err is human, A Lust for Life

Positive self-deception: Stop beating yourself u, A Lust for Life

Challenge yourself and watch your life change for the bette, A Lust for Life

How to survive a Christmas family spa, A Lust for Life

The madness of Christmas shopping, A Lust for Life

Boost your happiness with acts of kindness, A Lust for Life

Weather and happiness, A Lust for Life

People matter: The importance of friendship, A Lust for Life

Positive psychology: What is it all about?, A Lust for Life

Eat yourself happy , A Lust for Life