Academic Papers and Book Chapters

Here is a sample of some of my academic, peer-reviewed papers and book chapters for academic books:

Quinn, P., McGilloway, S., & Burke, J. (2021). COVID-19 and the class of 2020: a national study of the mental health and wellbeing of Leaving Certificate students in Ireland. Irish Educational Studies, 1–10.

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Burke, J. & Arslan, G. (2020). Positive education and school psychology during Covid-19 pandemic. Journal of Positive School Psychology, 4(2), 137-139.

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Burke, J. & Minton, S.J. (2019).  Wellbeing in post-primary schools in Ireland: The assessment and contribution of character strengths. Journal of Irish Educational Studies, 37(3), 177-192.

Dunleavy, G., & Burke, J. (2019). Fostering a sense of belonging at an international school in France: An experimental study. Educational & Child Psychology, 36(4), 34–45.

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Hughes, N. & Burke, J. (2018). Sleeping with the frenemy: How restricting ‘bedroom use’ of smartphones impacts happiness and wellbeing. Computers in Human Behaviour, 85, 236-244.

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Round, J. & Burke, J. (2018). A dream of retirement: The longitudinal experiences and perceived retirement wellbeing of recent retirees following a tailored positive psychology intervention linking Best Possible Self expressive writing with goal-setting. International Coaching Psychology Review, 13(2), 28-46.

Zhu, J.J., Lomas, T., Burke, J. Ivtzan, I. (2017). Exploring the role of purpose in the lives of career changers: A qualitative inquiry. Journal of Positive Psychology and Well-being, 1(2), 109-128.

Burke, J. & Hackett, M. (2017). When Irish eyes are smiling: Irish therapists’ well-being and their passion for the work of counselling & psychotherapy. Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 17 (3), 20-26.

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