Practice Humour


Some people say that laughter is the best medicine and they may just be right. While there are intricacies about humour and some types of humour, e.g. sarcasm, is associated with lower levels of wellbeing, there are several activities that can help us improve our wellbeing using humour. Here are three interventions you can use to boost your wellbeing:

  1. Three funny things: Every evening for 7 days, write down the three funniest things you’ve experienced during the day and describe your feelings during the experiences.
  2. Collecting funny things: Every evening for 7 days, remember one of the funniest things you’ve experienced in the past and write down every detail you remember about it.
  3. Counting funny things: During the day count all the funny things that happened to you and note the number of them every evening.
  4. Applying humour: Take a notice of the humour you’ve experienced during the day and add new humourous activities, such as reading comics, jokes, watching funny movies, etc.
  5. Solving stressful situations in a humourous way: Think about a stressful event you experienced today and consider how you could have or have solved it using humour.


Wellenzohn, S., Proyer, R. T., & Ruch, W. (2016). Humor-based online positive psychology interventions: A randomized placebo-controlled long-term trial. The Journal of Positive Psychology11(6), 584–594.

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