Positive Introduction

Positive Introduction

Often times, when we describe ourselves, we can see both negative and positive things about ourselves. Both good and bad things we have done, our good and bad qualities, or the good and bad situations that have happened in our lives. Sometimes, however, when we are not feeling the best, our negative emotions help us recall more negative situations than positive, thus providing a skewed view of ourselves. This activity, can help us see ourselves in a more balanced way.

Here it goes:

Write a one-page positive introduction of yourself. Make sure it is real and that you see your life from the perspective of you at your best. Discuss it with someone close to you.

Adaptation of this activity:

One of my clients, who experienced depression, came up with a new version of this activity, whereby he took out his CV and wrote a positive CV, in which he included all the wonderful things he did in each one of his past jobs that he would not usually mention on his CV, such as helping a colleague when they struggled, and doing acts of kindness for clients. Afterwards, he felt great and highly recommended that others should consider doing it too.


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