This activity is an adaptation of www (what went well) activity and was created by a student who wanted to make sure he enjoyed each day and would not only recall it but have a pictorial reminder that would allow him to savour the day.

Here is goes:

Every day, take a picture of a moment that you believe will be special and at the end of the day share it with a friend, or a family member. Try to make sure you’re in the picture. Discuss what made this moment special.

What I like about this activity is that usually we realise that an activity made us feel better afterwards, whereas here we reverse this process actively searching for these special moments, in other words, being mindful of what is happening to us. Doing this activity helps us catch the good moments as they happen, or turn ordinary moments into special.


One of my clients adapted this activity slightly. Every day, he made sure he went out for lunch and take at least 1 photograph that he posted on social media later on. He said that this activity changed his life for the better, because:

  • He went outside of the office during the day, rather than having lunch at this desk.
  • He refocused his attention from negative thoughts to the beautiful nature around him, in order to take a photo.
  • He took a number of pictures and in the afternoon, he spent some time deciding on which he should post on social media
  • After posting it each day, he got a boost from all the positive comments he was receiving and people interacting with him, which made him feel less lonely.
  • This activity allowed him to re-engaged with the world after experiencing anxiety and depression for a long time.


Gerdes, T. (2013). A picture-a-day exercise. Email correspondence from M.E.P. Seligman.