Optimistically Anticipating


During my childhood, there were many power-outages in my town, and we were often stuck in darkness for a few minutes, or sometimes as long as an hour, which used to scare the 5-7 old me a lot. To alleviate the fear of darkness, my clever mum made it into a game. As soon as the lights went off, we would run over to the window overlooking the darken streets of my town, look up into the sky covered in stars and a friendly moon above us, and we spent all this time dreaming about what we would do after the blackout.

This type of future-savouring is an activity that is nowadays recommended to enhance our wellbeing. We can do it by anticipating that all will be well with big events in our lives, such as birthdays, graduations, new job, weddings, holidays and others. To get the best out of this activity, we should go into as much detail of the optimistically anticipated event as we can. It would also help to focus on the positive emotions we will feel experiencing it. This activity can be done on our own, however, its effect is amplified by doing it with others, such as family members, friends, colleagues, or students in the classroom.


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