Make wellbeing fun

Make wellbeing fun

Learning wellbeing activities is one thing, delivering it in a way that boosts our wellbeing is another.

Imagine you are given a number of evidence-based wellbeing activities to do, but your options are to receive them on a piece of paper, or on a key ring. Do you think this would matter?

Researchers have divided participants into three groups, (1) a control group who were not asked to do anything, (2) a paper group, who were given a number of wellbeing activities to complete on a piece of paper, (3) who were given a key ring with a number of activities they can do to boost their wellbeing, as seen in the picture above.

The researchers found that using key ring coins to enhance wellbeing enhanced participants’ life satisfaction significantly more than not doing any activities, or doing activities jotted down on a piece of paper.

Also, here are some of the things participants shared about their experience of using key ring coins:

  • coins became a reminder for them to engage in wellbeing-boosting activity
  • many wanted to continue using them in the future
  • some wanted to give them as presents to their family and friends

The trick to this activity is to make the delivery of wellbeing activities fun and engaging for individuals. Also, to make sure that people have a choice in deciding which activity works for them. What can you do today to make wellbeing activities more fun for you?

Desmet, P., & Sääksjärvi, M. (2016). Form Matters: Design Creativity in Positive Psychological Interventions. Psychology of Well-Being: Theory, Research & Practice, 6(1), 1–17.

Have you tried this activity? If so, please share your experience.

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