Happiness after 30: The Paradox of Aging

About the Book

If you’re unhappy, it’s all your fault – this is what the self-help industry and the media try to make us believe. We listen to their advice and quit our jobs, relationships, sometimes even our entire lives, in our pursuit of happiness. We read books, watch movies, sign up to happiness projects, go on retreats and practice an array of happiness-boosting activities. Yet, despite all our best efforts we might end up feeling worse. What if there was another way? What if we didn’t have to try so hard? Dr Burke, a positive psychologist from the University of East London, reviewed the latest psychological research and found that there are natural changes that occur in us throughout our lives regardless of how many happiness-boosting activities we do. These changes affect our happiness throughout our lives. Knowing what they are can help us understand ourselves a little bit better and feel happier with less effort as we age.

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