Intensely Positive Experiences


I did this activity a few years ago with a bunch of friends on a saturday afternoon. All of them reported being on high, filled to the brim with positive emotions afterwards. One person had tears in her eyes describing her experience.

Try this:

“Think of the most wonderful experience or experiences in your life, happiest moments, ecstatic moments, moments of rapture, perhaps from being in love, or from listening to music, or suddenly “being hit” by a book or painting or from some great creative moment. Choose one such experience or moment. Try to imagine yourself at that moment, including all the feelings and emotions associated with the experience. Now write about the experience in as much detail as possible trying to include the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that were present at the time. Please try your best to re-experience the emotions involved” (Burton & King, 2004)

According to the experiment, this activity not only enhanced participants mood, but three months later, they also visited their doctor’s surgery less frequently.


Burton, C. M., & King, L. A. (2004). The health benefits of writing about intensely positive experiences. Journal of Research in Personality, 38(2), 150–163.