Ending a chapter of your life with gratitude


One constant in our lives is change. Our lives are divided into chapters that represent big events in our lives. A chapter may refer to the people that meant something to us and who come and go, the jobs we change, the houses we live in, the school-year, or classes we attend, the teachers we work with, the tasks we perform and many more. Sometimes, when we are coming to the end of our life-chapter, we feel sad, confused, angry, or disappointed. While there is nothing wrong with experiencing these negative emotions, we cannot ignore them. Negative emotions are signs that we need to attend to something in our lives. This activity may help you do it.

Sit down, uninterrupted for 10 minutes and write down the following:

  • What chapter of your life is about to end?
  • Reflect on how this chapter has enriched your life and all the good things that it has brought into it
  • Think how much you value the remaining time of this chapter in your life
  • Consider what you are grateful for and the reasons for it


Emmons, R. (2013). Gratitude works: A 21-day programme for creating emotional prosperity. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Have you tried this activity? If so, please share your experience.