Holiday burnout: why it happens – and three research-proven ways to help you recover

Jolanta Burke, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences and Justin Laiti, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences Although Christmas only lasts a few days each year, many of us spend months planning for it. But as enjoyable as all the parties and festivities might be, many people find they feel a bit burnt-outContinue reading “Holiday burnout: why it happens – and three research-proven ways to help you recover”

Three ways to tackle the ‘Sunday scaries’, the anxiety and dread many people feel at the end of the weekend

Sunday is often a chance to catch up with friends, lost sleep, and recover from last night’s hangover. But for many of us, by the time Sunday afternoon rolls around, a feeling of intense anxiety and dread sets in – often referred to as the “Sunday scaries”.

Has the pandemic changed our personalities? New research suggests we’re less open, agreeable and conscientious

For many of us, some personality traits stay the same throughout our lives while others change only gradually. However, evidence shows that significant events in our personal lives which induce severe stress or trauma can be associated with more rapid changes in our personalities.

Ultimate Guide to Wellbeing

This is an essential guide for all teaching professionals to help them make an informed decision about what wellbeing programmes and initiatives they should select in their schools and why. It provides teachers and school leaders with all necessary knowledge to help identify what they should be looking for in wellbeing programmes, how they shouldContinue reading “Ultimate Guide to Wellbeing”

Positive School Psychology

Applied Positive School Psychology is an essential guide to help teachers regain their own and assist the school community in rebuilding their health post-pandemic. While research in positive psychology is thriving, teachers and educational practitioners find it challenging to apply it in their daily practice. This practical book fills the gap between theory and practice andContinue reading “Positive School Psychology”

Positive Health

This comprehensive compendium offers a wealth of research-informed tools that can boost both physical and mental wellbeing throughout the lifespan. Filled with more than 100 activities to help you live life better, this book is the first of its kind to integrate the latest research from the fields of positive psychology and lifestyle medicine….