Jolanta’s testimonials

Picture by Dylan Vaughan.

“Uplifting, inspiring and insightful are some of the words I would use to describe Jolanta’s keynote address”

Nicky O’Brien

“The first thing that strikes you about Jo is her passion, energy and deep understanding of her subject”

Joe Sweetman

“Jolanta made a lasting impression with her extraordinary and positive attitude, her enthusiasm, her knowledge and her ability to leave a lasting impact.”

Pat Hennessy

“Jolanta has delivered many training events for our organisation over the last number of years. She has trained almost two thousand employees. Her sessions were very impactful and the feedback we have received from our staff was fantastic, which is why we continue to invite her back. She is very positive, knowledgeable and her enthusiasm is infectious. She evaluates her sessions for return on investment and provides us with thorough feedback on the changes that occurred in our team following the sessions. This makes an enormous difference to our business. I would be delighted to recommend her to any other organisations to experience the benefits for themselves.”

Aine English, Ervia

“Jolanta delivered a highly impactful series of Positive Psychology and Happiness at Work sessions as part of our Learning at Work Day this year. Feedback was outstanding with one delegate reporting it was the most impactful thing she’d ever been involved in. Jo had a superb grasp of the topic, delivered it in a really vibrant and energetic manner and captivated the audience with her way of putting across a complex subject.”

Perry Timms, Talent Director, The Big Lottery Fund

“Jolanta Burke was asked to deliver seminars and executive coaching to our management team in Ireland and the UK, and we found her very professional and highly motivated. She made our learning very easy by breaking her vast Positive Psychology knowledge into manageable components. This way abstract concepts like optimism, goal setting and positive leadership became easy actions to follow. She’s made great impact on our team and we would highly recommend her to others.”

Denise Coulter, L&D Executive, Sodexho

“Jolanta Burke brings enthusiasm and passion to her training programmes. She is a natural motivator and while the business was undergoing a major downturn, Jolanta created programmes designed to change attitudes and motivate people. Her programmes were creative, insightful and always fun.”

Annette Mahon, Strategy & Business Consultant, William Fry

“The first thing that strikes you about Jolanta is her passion, energy and deep understanding of her subjects. This passion translates into an amazing learning experience. Jolanta’s style is collaborative and experiential, she leaves a lasting impression and a practical set of tools that can be used again and again. She is generous with her time, experience and expertise and I would highly recommend Jolanta’s workshops for both professional and personal development.”

Joe Sweeney, Associate Director, Shire

“Uplifting, inspiring and insightful are some of the words I would use to describe Jolanta’s keynote address at the Institute of Guidance Counsellors 2015 Annual Conference. Her expertise, combined with the confidence and conviction with which she delivered her address, were testimony to the benefits of positive psychology. Thanks for the very valuable insights, Jolanta!”

Nicky O’Brien, Training Consultant, Interpersonal Coaching

“Jolanta is an energetic and committed facilitator with an in depth evidence based knowledge of the field of Positive Psychology. Jolanta tailored the Positive Psychology workshop to the needs of the audience of HE careers professionals. A facilitator who practices what she teaches a great role model in this field.”

Orlaith Tunney, Careers Consultant, Trinity College Dublin

“Be it in a group environment, or in a personal one2one coaching session – Jolanta constantly delivered passionate and inspiring presentations, always combined with challenging and thought provoking original content. Whether delivered to part time staff or senior management, there was a measurable response and return on investment – with some excellent department, store and individual improvements”

Bryan Carroll, Operations Director, Champion Sports

“I attended one of Jolanta’s Positive Psychology Masterclasses and was absolutely blown away! Passionate about her subject and very enthusiastic to share it with us as a group, Jolanta backed up everything she said with scientific research and facts. I walked away from the course with lots of information and inspiration on h0ow to implement more positive psychology into my daily life, but personally and professionally, and have been reaping the benefits already”

Loes van Mierlo, Team Leader, Google

“I have worked with Jolanta for the last few years. She has been to London many times and has proved immensely helpful both on a one to one basis and in a group. I think it is safe to say that she has a unique and very effective style – huge energy and enthusiasm, very perceptive in her reading of people and excellent professionalism. A big plus from me!!”

Peter Rollings, CEO, Marsh & Parsons

“Do you want to experience what it’s like to come away from every conversation feeling better about your work, more informed on a range of possibilities, and more enthusiastic about work and life in general; then you need to work with Jo. I had the pleasure of working with Jo at PCI Consulting where she had the role of developing, deploying and delivering the Positive Psychology element of our Workplace Resilience Programme. Perhaps it is her infectious enthusiasm and passion for her subject that inspires all of those lucky to have the opportunity to work with her. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo for her expertise, ability to adapt, boundless energy and her expert knowledge of the theory and application of Positive Psychology.”

Mike Hackett, Psychotherapist & Faculty Lecturer, PCI College

“I can’t recommend Jolanta more highly! During my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, Jolanta has been a Senior Lecturer and my supervisor/tutor. As a lecturer, she is energetic, positive, an expert in her field, and extremely engaging, which makes her (without question) a favourite lecturer among students. As a supervisor, I couldn’t ask for a more helpful, focused, patient and encouraging person. She has the perfect combination of confidence, humility and compassion in her roles. Her support has made all the difference, and having the good fortune to learn from her has been a complete pleasure.”

Krista Irmisher, Leadership Coach

“I attended Dr. Burke’s lectures in my Masters and worked with her on my dissertation. She has made a lasting impression with her enthusiasm, positive attitude, and energy. She is a great motivator with an extraordinary subject matter knowledge. Dr. Burke always pushes for the maximum with an ease and develops “can do” attitude in her students. Dr. Burke’s scenario based exemplary teaching allows connecting the concept with real life which makes it easy to understand the core of the concept. Dr. Burke’s teachings are very helpful for personal and professional development. Moreover, she is very patient and generous with her time. I would highly recommend her sessions for developing a positive attitude towards life and work.

Mukul Tiwari, PhD Candidate