A letter of forgiveness


Forgiveness is a complex activity. It is not about forgetting something painful or excusing someone for doing something, instead, it is about having neutral feelings when we think of the person who did us wrong.

Some of us are better at forgiveness than others. When we are holding a grudge towards someone or something, it may prevent us from living our lives to the full. This activity may help you engage with a process of forgiveness.

Write a letter of forgiveness to someone who has committed a transgression. Do not send it to them, nor discuss it with them. Instead, speak with someone you trust, or reflect on the following:

  • Are you ready and willing to forgive this person? If yes, describe why or why not.
  • What did you feel like when writing the letter?
  • What do you feel now that you’ve written the letter?
  • Read it back, what do you feel after reading it back?

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