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Writing is my passion, which is why I spend hours every day typing away. Most of my work is sitting in my drawer, waiting to see the light of day, but here are some of my books, book chapters and articles I wrote for both academic journals and popular magazines.

Academic Articles


Burke, J. & Minton, S.J. (2019).  Wellbeing in post-primary schools in Ireland: The assessment and contribution of character strengths. Journal of Irish Educational Studies, 37(3), 177-192.

Dunleavy, G. & Burke, J. (under review).  Fostering a sense of belonging at an international school in France: An experimental study.

Bullivant, G. & Burke, J. (under review). Towards finding the employee engagement sweet-spot: Uncovering the mediating effect of hope and trust in management on employee engagement.

Maharaj-Voermans, N. & Burke, J. (under review). Increasing access to intuitive processing: A meta analytic study.

Tiwari, M. & Burke, J. (under review). Perceived work-life balance: A possible solution for poor organisational commitment among teaching staff in Indian higher education.

Comalie, L. & Burke, J. (under review). Appreciative Inquiry as an effective intervention for organisational development: A systematic review.

O’Hare, A. & Burke, J. (in preparation). The power of positive beliefs: The effect of stress mindset on coping, stress and wellbeing.


Burke, J. (2018). Conceptual framework for a positive psychology coaching practice. Coaching Psychologists, 14(1), 16-25.

Burke, J (2018). The languishing limbo: Coaching for wellbeing. Coaching Today, 26, 12-17.

Burke, J. (2018). The clinical practice of well-being. The Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal, 17(4), 14-17.

Burke, J. (2018). Turning stress into positive energy: An evaluation of a workplace intervention. Positive Work and Organizations: Research and Practice, 4.

Van Nieuwerburgh, C., Lomas, & Burke, J. (2018). Editorial. Integrating coaching and positive psychology: Concepts and practice. Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice, 11(2), 99-101.

Hughes, N. & Burke, J. (2018). Sleeping with the frenemy: How restricting ‘bedroom use’ of smartphones impacts happiness and wellbeing. Computers in Human Behaviour, 85, 236-244.

Audin, K., Burke, J., & Ivtzan, I. (2018). Compassion Fatigue, compassion satisfaction and work engagement in residential childcare. The Scottish Journal of Residential Childcare, 17(3).

Round, J. & Burke, J. (2018). A dream of retirement: The longitudinal experiences and perceived retirement wellbeing of recent retirees following a tailored positive psychology intervention linking Best Possible Self expressive writing with goal-setting. International Coaching Psychology Review, 13(2), 28-46.


Zhu, J.J., Lomas, T., Burke, J. Ivtzan, I. (2017). Exploring the role of purpose in the lives of career changers: A qualitative inquiry. Journal of Positive Psychology and Well-being, 1(2), 109-128.

Burke, J. & Hackett, M. (2017). When Irish eyes are smiling: Irish therapists’ well-being and their passion for the work of counselling & psychotherapy. Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 17 (3), 20-26.

Burke, J. (2016). Posttraumatic Growth: Examining an increase of optimism amongst targets of bullying in Ireland. The Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy 16(2), 11-15.

Books & Book Chapters

Burke, J. & Passmore, J. (2019). Strengths based coaching: A positive psychology intervention. In L.E. van Zyl & S. Rothmann (Eds.) Positive psychological interventions: Approaches to capacity development within multi-cultural context (vol 1). Springer.

Burke, J. & Stephens, E. (2017). Applying positive psychology to sexual addiction. In T.Birchard & J. Benfield (Eds.) Routledge International Handbook of Sexual Addiction. Abington: Routledge.

Burke, J. (2016) Happiness after 30: The Paradox of Aging. Dublin: Jumpp.

Burke, J. & Minton, S.J. (2016). Rethinking well-being: Deficit vs strength approach in measuring the impact of bullying and cyberbullying in schools. In C. Mc Guckin & L. Corcoran (Eds.) Bullying and Cyberbullying: Prevalence, Psychological Impacts and Intervention Strategies. New York: Nova.

Burke, J. & Minton, S.J. (2013). Positive Psychology in Guidance Counselling. In J. McKenzie, L. Darby, P. King, C. Layton, C. McGuckin, & A. Tuffy (Eds.), School Guidance Handbook. Retrieved from

Burke, J. (in preparation) Practical guide to using positive psychology in coaching: Personal, business and career.

Popular & Professional Magazines, Newspapers

Jolanta Burke (2016). Five reasons why we eventually become happier. The Conversation. Re-posted by The Independent, World Economic Forum, New Zealand Herald, PsyPost and others.

Jolanta Burke (2013). Thinking of changing your job? Think again. Women Mean Business, 37, 66-67.

Jolanta Burke (2013). Your mood and Food. Easy health Magazine, 76-77.

Jolanta Burke (2013). Making Happy Children. Woman’s Way Magazine, 40.

Jolanta Burke (2014). Positive body: Boost your energy. Women Mean Business, 38, 56-58.

Jolanta Burke (2014). Positive eating. The Irish Vegetarian, 142, 6.

Jolanta Burke (2014). Go to the happy place. Irish Mail on Sunday Unislim Insert, 10-11.

Jolanta Burke (2014). Happy Slimming. Woman’s Way Magazine, 50-51.

Jolanta Burke (2013). Food and Happiness. The Irish Vegetarian, 139, 20.

Jolanta Burke (2011). Character strengths. Psychological Magazine Sens, 26-27.

Jolanta Burke (2011). Divorce and psychological wellbeing. Psychological Magazine Sens, 48-49.

Jolanta Burke (2011). The psychology of time perspectives. Psychological Magazine Sens, 24-25.

Jolanta Burke (2011). Flourishing. Psychological Magazine Sens, 24-25.

Jolanta Burke (2013). Positive Psychology Strength & Resilience. Guideline, 42(1), 13-14.

Jolanta Burke (2013). Positive Psychotherapy. Reflection, 12(1), 11-12.

Jolanta Burke  (2013). Positive Body. InTouch, 142, 28.

Jolanta Burke (2013). Positive Education: The way forward. InTouch, 140, 31.

Jolanta Burke (2013). A balanced life full of meaning and engagement. InTouch, 139, 29.

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